Discover our history and our unique know-how in the field of spirits.
The Genesis of DJIN


DJIN SPIRITS was created in 2019 by Romuald Vincent. The initial idea was to respond to a growing demand from French bar professionals and consumers for a superior quality "non-alcoholic spirit" capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.
The conception

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is based on an innovative technique of aromatic extraction developed by the Master Liqueur Maker in his workshop.

Our premises

The production always takes place in the family house in Saint-Brice, a small town in the Cognac region on the banks of the Charente.

Our values

The spirits that come out of our stills have a unique taste and all the organoleptic qualities of the greatest spirits without any of the effects attributed to alcohol. Organic, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free, they can be drunk neat on ice or in cocktails.

Djin Spirits & Maison DÂME

Our philosophy
The vintages are centered on the work of botanicals in maceration, distillation and other techniques kept secret. On the one hand, DJIN SPIRITS gathers our plant spirits without alcohol and on the other hand, MAISON DÂME, our range of traditional spirits. DJIN SPIRITS is a family of spirits, a synthesis of our work and our values, but applied to a craft production, 100% alcohol free, working on a natural basis around medicinal plants and their powers. Because we sincerely believe that alcohol is not an end in itself, that the only thing that counts is the moment of tasting, sharing and the quality of the feeling, we have chosen not to limit ourselves to a single production technique and to do everything possible so that people, whatever their choices or origins, can take as much pleasure in tasting our vintages as we have in making them.
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